Positional Release Workshop

The Body Alchemy of Relational Neuroscience
February 21, 2017
Wind Sand and Waves
Tracking the currents of emotional regulation in the body.
February 21, 2017
Cranial Sacral Therapy

Cranial Sacral Therapy

A 16 hour workshop designed for remedial massage therapists who are seeking to fine-tune their intuitive skills and want to learn advanced ways to treat whiplash, low –back strain and repetitive stress injuries, without pain to their clients or themselves. Lecture and practicum.

Course Aim: Positional Release is a therapy designed to release painful muscles spasms in a gentle manner. Developed originally by Osteopathic doctor, Lawrence Jones DO, under the name, “Strain Counterstrain”, it is an invaluable tool for the remedial massage therapist in treating accidents, sports injuries, chronic muscle strain, and acute injuries.

The treatment consists of light therapeutic touch on tender points and moving the body into a position of comfort and ease, allowing the muscles involved to gently release. In this course you will learn the theory and purpose of Positional Release, the basic techniques and the location of specific tender points and their release patterns.

You will learn listening skills for your hands to detect and palpate muscles in spasm and release restricted muscle energy. Because of the direct connection to the central nervous system, there can be an emotional awareness that accompanies the release of key trauma areas in the body. Participants will be educated in this sensitivity as well as taught specific positions to release chronic and acute injuries to the muscles and fascia.

Dates: TBA
Cost: $ 395 includes textbook: Ridge, R. (1994) Positional Release, A Reference Handbook. Sydney.
Send:  $100 deposit TBA


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