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The Body Alchemy of Psychodrama

Dr. Ridge's textbook expands upon the intrinsic practices of psychodrama as an embodied form of psychotherapy and includes an extensive historical background of the theories of somatic psychology incorporating them into psychodramatic theory and practice.

Body Alchemy provides an in-depth review of the development of the current research in neuroscience and offers some answers as to the biological and physiological basis for psychodramatic theories that were not available during Moreno's time.

Specific practices of somatic therapies integrated with various expressive arts techniques, create a conversation with a person's body wisdom and mindfulness in order to enhance one's relationships with self and others. The ethics of touch are explained for the group therapist, psychodramatist or psychotherapist so that they may safely apply practices of touch in therapy for the purposes of healing and to demonstrate compassionate understanding for their clients and patients.

A history of Chinese and Eastern medicine is described within the manual along with the application of how these subtle energies are implicated in the health and well-being of a person's psyche and bodily health. Explanations and examples of various exercises in body mindfulness incorporating shiatsu, yoga, craniosacral therapy applicable to psychodramatic theory are designed specifically for each chapter.

These meditative practices cultivate intimacy with an individual's own body creating what the Buddhists call "right relationship" with it. It is this level of intimacy and listening toward a cellular, internal body awareness that is the Tao of Body Alchemy.

Positional Release

Positional Release, A Reference Handbook is an illustrated text that accompanies a course in Positional Release. The work book includes the theories and processes of PR as well as a point by point description of the practices. Easy to follow and helpful to gain a deeper understanding of how to integrate this work with a variety of body therapies.
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