Personal Retreats

February 21, 2017
Wind Sand and Waves

Tracking the currents of emotional regulation in the body.

Wind, Sand and Waves are elements that carve and shape the surface of earth and stone. Our body is earth home to our personality and spiritual self. When currents of life are harsh and destructive as a response to trauma, abuse or suffering through life crisis they can lay down patterns of distress, carving beliefs and fears into the psyche, the fascia and the brain. Our body over time will then develop reactions to these […]
December 16, 2019

Women’s Healing Retreat in Kangaroo Valley

6-8 March 2020 Entering the Field of Honor is a place where we step into a strong, centered, authentic place within ourselves where everything is expected of you. Here you will need to be vigilant with your principles, sacrifices will be demanded, and you will often feel alone and even judged. If you make mistakes, you must account for them, sometimes you might have to cast aside your impulses and take a higher stance, than […]