Rebecca M. Ridge PhD, TEP, MAPs, Lmt

Health Psychologist, Integrative Body Mind therapist, (TEP)Trainer, Educator in Psychodrama and Group Psychotherapy, Diplomate Certified Craniosacral therapist, Instructor for Somato-emotional release, Upledger Institute. Massage therapist and Infant massage instructor.

Rebecca M RidgeRebecca (Becky) has been in private practice since 1982. Rebecca is a dedicated therapist and clinician, who works to bring out the best in each person, to restore their body of trust. She empowers a person to find their strengths and enhance their creativity so they may reach their potential and bring their dreams to life. Challenges are viewed as stepping stones to personal growth; clearing the past often paves the way to a brighter more fulfilled present.

She began with a BA degree in Child Psychology and Women Studies (1974) and became a licensed massage therapist in 1982. She was passionate to build a bridge between the body mind from the early 1980s. She took advanced trainings in various Osteopathic techniques such as CranioSacral therapy and Positional Release as well as in Reflexology and Shiatsu. In 1987 she received her Master’s Degree in Rehab Counselling. From there she began her extensive training in Psychodrama and Group Psychotherapy, to eventually become a master trainer and practitioner, 1998.

She also became an instructor in SomatoEmotional Release for the Upledger Institute (1996), the integration of craniosacral therapy and psychotherapy which she teaches internationally. In 2007 she received her Doctorate in Psychology with a concentration in psychodrama and an integration with somatic therapies. This culminated in her published book, The Body Alchemy of Psychodrama (2009). Today she offers various trainings in the Body Alchemy of Psychodrama with a concentration on healing trauma, abuse and neglect.

Rebecca began her career in the USA and immigrated to Australia in 1989. She became a registered Health Psychologist in Australia and continued to develop her integrative practices.  She now works internationally, dividing her time between the USA, Australia and Hong Kong. For the past 9 years, she has created a clinic in Hong Kong serving over 200 families, treating infants, children, parents and elders. Rebecca has specialized in working with children on the autistic spectrum, including, learning disabilities and /or traumatic birth effects. As a holistic integrative psychologist, she incorporates family therapy with her body therapy to assist parents with the challenges that are unique to their children’s growth and development and the accompanying stress on the parents and siblings.

As an educator and supervisor, Rebecca also works with professionals in developing and enhancing their skills as therapists.

She offers individual and group therapy and  provides professional training. She is in Australia from November to May and in Minnesota and USA from May to November.
  • The material taught gives you tools and insights that will help you with those difficult problems that some of your clients have. It was life changing for me and I believe it will be for my clients in ways I haven’t experienced before.
  • I learned I can be more ‘present ‘to my clients and myself.
  • The learned releases and understanding of how the brain and body react to trauma and abuse are a wonderful compliment to your craniosacral education.
  • What a treat! You will leave this class feeling enriched and empowered with a reservoir of new approaches and techniques. Becky creates a soothing and relaxing atmosphere of comfort and trust and learning.
  • Rebecca gives such great material and tools and mechanics to really allow you to go one step farther in your therapy.
  • Mim. Psychodrama trainee
    You are a magician, a shaman and an alchemist. Psychodrama with you is such a joy and delight.
    Mim. Psychodrama trainee
  • Cathy, Attended Psychodrama weekend workshop
    What a fantastic weekend, I am definitely feeling stronger and more focused and excited about my path ahead! Thank you for all your gifts to help us.
    Cathy, Attended Psychodrama weekend workshop
  • Krisi, MT, student.
    This class was transformational, educational and emotionally freeing.
    Krisi, MT, student.
  • Lisa MT, student of Body Alchemy and Relational Neuroscience
    This class has helped me to start a relationship with my own heart center that was sorely lacking.
    Lisa MT, student of Body Alchemy and Relational Neuroscience
  • Mother in Hong Kong
    My kids look forward to your trips to Hong Kong, they have seen you for 8 years and the changes in them has been very special and healing.
    Mother in Hong Kong
  • Toni W.
    My craniosacral sessions with Becky are a blessing in my life - they are a profound addition to my healing journey as I remember how to connect to my inner essence.
    Toni W.
    Bondi, Australia
  • Lani F.
    I've struggled with persistent chronic pain and fatigue over the past several years, and over this time I have seen multiple practitioners, to varying success. No one has helped me progress more than Rebecca. Each session not only leaves me feeling physically improved but also mentally and emotionally lifted. My wellbeing has immensely improved thanks to Rebecca; I only wish I'd found her much, much sooner!  
    Lani F.
    Sydney, Australia
  • Marge H.
    Becky is ‘the whole package’! Being able to address my issues holistically with her – working with the conscious, sub-conscious and the body – always leads to significant breakthroughs from which I’m able to learn, heal and grow. These breakthroughs are facilitated by Becky’s tremendous knowledge, skill, experience, care and compassion.
    Marge H.
    Glebe, Australia