Women’s Healing Retreat

Restoring Innocence in Troubling Times
Restoring Innocence in Troubling Times: Embracing the Here and Now
January 18, 2023
Restoring Innocence in Troubling Times
Restoring Innocence in Troubling Times: Embracing the Here and Now
January 18, 2023
Women’s Healing Retreat

1-3 March, 2024
Gerroa, NSW
$850/ $795

“WE are stardust, We are golden, and we’ve got to get ourselves back to the Garden” Joni Mitchel sang her heart songs to us in the 70s and now more than ever we need to replenish our spirits, our souls and centre ourselves in the earth, sky and sea. For millennium women have gathered to source their inner strengths, to empower their spirits and put their hearts and minds into causes for social justice and change. We are part of this matriarchal lineage and whether your cause is self-healing, family or relationship repair or world work, a collective of women working together can shape shift and nourish these changes. Autumn is a good time to reflect and harvest our energies and spirits, a time to gather and replenish and illuminate our divine light.
In this 3-day workshop we will explore the themes in the group through psychodrama and expressive arts. We will restore our bodies with yoga, Nia dance/movement and guided meditations. We will nourish our beings with good food, swimming in the sea and rest in nature’s embrace. Freshwater overlooks 7-mile beach where we will share in community and release the burdens of past and present within a caring community.

Venue : Freshwater ( Stayz) accommodation is opposite 7 mile beach in Gerroa, a beautiful setting for communing with nature and restoring your soul.
* Shared accommodation with 5 bedrooms/ 3 baths and space for 9 participants.

Cost: Inclusive of all meals, accommodation, and workshop, $850
This includes 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 2 dinners. *No alcohol during workshop.
Meals are healthy choices and include meat, fish, dairy and vegetarian options.*
When registering please note if you are gluten or diary intolerant, pescatarian or vegetarian

Deposit $200 holds your space (balance due 25 Feb)
Early Bird discount: Pay in full by 15 January $795,
Direct Deposit: or cash /cheque.

Presenter: Rebecca M. Ridge PhD. TEP, Registered Health Psychologist, has been a psychodrama trainer and therapist for over 30 years, incorporating body mindfulness and the expressive arts into her work. She is the author of The Body Alchemy of Psychodrama. Becky teaches Psychodrama internationally. Over the years many participants have experienced her workshops and retreats as a richly creative and restorative experience and as a unique opportunity to experience the healing power of community.

Contact by email rebeccamridge@gmail.com or 0434049881

*NIA is a dance, martial arts and yoga movement experience led by Noel Boycott. Reg Psychologist. NIA Black Belt

Who should come: Women in recovery from life distress, relationship conflicts or family trauma or needing time to for deep inner work and/or professional development.

Workshop begins at 5:30 pm Friday 1 March and ends 2:30 Sunday 3 March
A welcome letter will be sent one week before workshop with directions and arrival information.

Imagine You Are Light

The seeds you firmly plant in the mind
are the essential thing, so if you pray
for those who refuse light or offer a blessing
for love to envelop fear’s sharp blade
or desire to manifest your intention –
imagine you are light.

To your right and your left, shining light
above and below you, vibrant light
before and behind you, dazzling light
within and around you, brilliant light –
illumining pathways of thought
crowning the majesty of imagination
spreading radiance of vision
overflowing the chambers of the heart.
This wondrous light that cannot be
created, extinguished, or fathomed.

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