The Body Alchemy of Relational Neuroscience

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February 6, 2017
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February 21, 2017


Specialized clinical skills for treating trauma, abuse and neglect

Minneapolis, Minnesota 16-18 June 2017

The Body alchemy of Relational Neuroscience is a specialized course designed specifically for  CS therapists working with  patients who have experienced long term abusive relationships stemming from early childhood traumas, abuse or neglect that have occurred during the  developmental cycles of life.  Their deregulated nervous system is  often the underlying cause for the anxiety and depression which propels people to seek medical attention for  their problems, How do we as CS Therapists manage these intense states with the patient and help their nervous systems’ to regulate and repair from this history?

In this course you will learn:

  • Specialized craniosacral techniques for balancing the nervous system and key areas of the brain.
  • How to create and hold a calm therapeutic presence.
  • How to gently release the freeze/shock from the body and brain.
  • Skills to help the client rebuild resilience and re -experience trust.
  • Appropriate deep body communication that engages the wisdom of the body mind.
  • How to develop clear, supportive boundaries for working with clients who have a history of anxiety, emotional deregulation, dissociation, and chronic pain.

The Body Alchemy is a 3 Day residential, experiential course that combines integrative CST therapies, with expressive arts therapies, psychodrama and specific somatic therapies that will allow the body to release emotional hurt, pain and fear. Through a relational neuroscience process that interacts with the body mind you will learn how to alchemically transform the client’s belief system so that they can reframe their past into a more cohesive, integrative, positive whole.

Rebecca M. Ridge PhD, Trainer, Educator, Practitioner in psychodrama, group psychotherapy, Australian Registered Health Psychologist, LMT, CST-Dip. has been working with trauma and abuse for the past 15 years. Combining her skills of Somato Emotional Release with the state of the art researchers in trauma, abuse and neglect .She has studied with Steven Porges, Bessel van der Kolk and Peter Levine as well as other specialists in trauma and abuse.  She facilitates groups in trauma and abuse internationally. She is the author of The Body Alchemy of Psychodrama and presents this at conferences around the world.


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